Hide conceal skin imperfections

Fighting skin imperfections with make-up is one possibility. The correction stick is ideal for colored spots with their origin in pimples, dark circles under the eyes, or birthmarks. The right application and the perfect make-up will help you.


Correction stick – ideal for concealing imperfections in the skin

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The appropriate correction stick must be found and tested by yourself. Everyone reacts differently to recommended cosmetics. Allergies can play a role, or the cosmetic product is incompatible with some people, while others are enthusiastically promoting it. The concealer works wonders for color irregularities:

  • The green stick will touch up red bumps like pimples or small ugly veins. However, it is important to ensure that the affected area is dabbed with a “normal” concealer. Otherwise, there is a risk that the green color will shimmer through.
  • The slightly yellowish stick makes dark circles under the eyes almost completely disappear.
  • The coral-colored concealer, on the other hand, helps with pigment spots or small scars.

The foundation with the help of a make-up, perfects the flawless look. You should first treat facial scars caused by acne, for example, with a tanning lotion. The special camouflage make-up is perfect for this purpose. Products that contain wax, in conjunction with body heat, make the skin supple. The corrective make-up was developed to make unpleasant skin imperfections invisible. After this procedure, you can put on make-up and cover the face area with powder. It depends on the color of the scar; because the scars are not all of the same colors.


Conceal red face? Is it that easy?

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Redness of the face, regardless of whether the cause is broken veins or skin inflammation, should be treated with low oil and preservatives products. A recommendation on how you can get rid of the blemishes:

  • If you complain of sensitive skin, a sun protection factor is optimal.
  • The green concealer ensures that the red areas no longer appear so noticeable. But it should really only be applied to the red areas.
  • Now comes the actual make-up. The amount doesn’t matter here, but the economical application of the most oil-free products possible.
  • There are good special products on the market that should be used.
  • Never rub heavily, this is absolutely taboo for reddened skin.


What helps with dark circles, pimples, and the like?

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Concealers or concealers have to be used here. Apply the concealer only where the skin is uneven and do not distribute it around the eyes. The color should be one shade lighter than the natural skin color. Rose-colored cover sticks hide bluish rings. Waiting for the pimples to heal isn’t exactly a promising suggestion. An absolutely antibacterial concealer, so to speak, peels off the pimple and promotes healing. Make-up should be oil-free. You have to make sure that it is by no means a product that promotes blackheads. 

All special products can be applied extremely sparingly and thinly. Too much does more harm than good. If scars have badly damaged the skin, camouflage is suitable, otherwise a compact cream make-up is sufficient. Nobody really wants age spots on their faces. The concealer is applied and then make-up base to completely hide the unevenness. The color must not be too light. It doesn’t look nice when the stains show through.


A pimple is annoying

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You’re in a hurry in the morning and look in the mirror – a pimple has actually made it comfortable on your face. In a hurry, the following suggestion is not so bad:

  • First, dab the face with a mild facial tonic, it must not lead to facial reddening under any circumstances. After the procedure, the face must be well dry.
  • You can use the usual day cream, again apply a mild product,
  • Apply a – very important – oil-free (!) Foundation thinly and distribute it,
  • Apply the concealer against visible redness. If you have a green concealer, this is ideal.
  • Use powder as you like, but don’t apply too thickly.

When covering the pimples, it is essential to ensure that the concealer’s color matches the color of the foundation. If you are prone to pimples, do not squeeze the pimples out, but clean the skin with peeling help. Bacteria are destroyed in this way; the area does not become constantly inflamed and no longer forms a breeding ground for pimples or blackheads.



There are many alternatives to hide annoying skin imperfections. It is impossible to recommend the right product and method. Every woman reacts differently to different products; it should also be considered that you can trigger allergic reactions with a product. Therefore, each of you must test for yourself which method and which product are favorites.

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