How to combat sagging skin

The sagging skin is a problem that we see for several reasons. One of them is the passage of time, since with age, we see how we lose collagen, and the skin appears more sagging, but this can also happen at an early age due to bad habits. 

We will give you some good tips to combat sagging skin from several aspects. 


Avoid sudden changes in weight

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One of the things we must avoid is having sudden weight changes. The skin suffers when we gain weight, and it is stretched, because it needs to use all its elasticity to recover. However, stretch marks often appear, which are tissue tears that turn into scars. Finally, if we lose weight again, the skin is flabby and sagging. While it is true that there are periods in which this cannot be avoided, as in pregnancy, but others can, such as weight gain. So try to avoid it at all costs to take maximum care of your skin.


Focus on eating

Food is another of the points we must influence, since it is key to our health and our beauty. The skin is nourished by what we eat, so it is really important. Antioxidants are necessary to fight free radicals, so we must consume them and are found in fruits, vegetables, and nuts. But we also have to eat proteins, since they offer us elasticity and healthy fats, which nourish the skin and keep it healthy. What we should remove from our diet are sugars and saturated fats, which do not contribute anything good to the skin.


Exfoliate your skin

The skin exfoliation should be done carefully and only from time to time, since we are removing dead cells. If we give ourselves a massage while exfoliating the skin, we will be getting a light massage that activates circulation and improves skin irrigation. Exfoliation improves the skin’s appearance and prevents sagging, so it is a simple treatment that we can do every week to achieve prettier skin.


Sports to tone up

The flaccidity sometimes also comes because we do not exercise the muscles, and we can see how they are more flaccid and the skin sags. It is important to also exercise with sports that help us tone up. In general, any sport will improve our muscles, but we should do a mix of several to ensure that we cover all the muscles. From swimming to running, lifting weights, or doing Pilates.


Avoid bad habits

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Bad habits are one of the things that can affect your skin the most. Smoking increases wrinkles, sagging, and worsens circulation and the appearance of the skin. Alcohol dehydrates us and increases fat deposits, and sedentary life makes us to increase weight and have worse circulation. In short, we must banish these habits, and we will notice how the skin benefits a lot from it.


Rest and avoid stress

Stress and fatigue directly affect our skin, preventing regeneration and making grow old faster. That is why having a quality rest is essential. But it is also important to avoid daily stress.

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