These self-massages to do at home during confinement

Massage your face to smooth out wrinkles, relax your belly to have a nice complexion, knead your legs to eradicate cellulite. In addition to doing good, these quick and simple massage movements to perform on a daily basis have many virtues beauty: “Massage stimulates the skin. When practiced regularly, these movements slow down skin aging and accelerate cell regeneration.

Particular methods accentuate the mechanism of elimination of toxins that the body naturally achieves. Do not panic if imperfections, subcutaneous dilations or small pimples appear on the face. It’s positive! 

This means that the evacuation process works “reassures us the expert, before specifying that a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential. Zoom in on these detoxifying and regenerating self-massage movements for beauty routine.


The belly

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The right gesture: “Lie on your back and place a pillow, under your knees, so that the abdomen is totally relaxed. Concentrate on the abdominal breathing to activate the diaphragm. 

With each inspiration, the navel rises towards the ceiling while the rib cage remains as still as possible. On exhalation, the navel moves closer to the spine. Rub your hands together to warm them up and place them under the navel. With your fingertips, apply a little pressure. Slide the hands under the right rib and the liver, then squeeze again. Go down below the navel, then go up on the left side to the A second round, emphasizing the more sensitive and resistant areas with each inspiration. To boost the effects, you can apply organic cold pressed sesame oil , which is very good for the digestive flow, mixed with essential oils of lavender and mandarin “. 

The benefits: In addition to reducing stress by soothing the nervous system, the belly massage is ultra effective for a good detox. Considered the “second brain,” it cleans out all toxins and wastes accumulated in the tissues. Over the days, the skin is more beautiful, and the complexion regains radiance.



my legs feel so silky smooth - legs  massage stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The right gesture: “In the shower, with a horsehair glove and coffee grounds, rub from the knees to the buttocks with a dynamic and vigorous gesture for 4 minutes. Finish with a jet of cold water on the legs. After drying yourself off, apply grapeseed or grapefruit oil to the areas reddened by the hot/cold effect. Massage using circular motions, starting at the bottom of the legs and working your way upwards. The pelvis: this is the direction of venous return and drainage. It is interesting to do this massage after a cardio session, which will have broken up the fatty deposits.

The benefits: Over time, this massage is effective in getting rid of cellulite. In general, the leg massage is ideal for water retention, varicose veins, circulation problems, or heavy legs. 


The face

The right gesture: “When the face is tense, and the quality of the facial muscles deteriorates, this has repercussions on the surface of the skin: wrinkles, blackheads, or inflammatory pimples may appear. Make circular movements at the level of cheeks to relax the jaw. 

To smooth the outline of the eye:

  1. Place your fingers between the two eyes and contour the eyebrows from above by pressing, before sliding up to the temples.
  2. Place your fingers on the bone under your eyes, avoiding pressing on the pockets, and slide down the sides to the temples. If you master jade rollerblading , make upward and outward movements, always starting from the center.
  3. Roll it also on the neck, going up to the chin.

Practiced on a daily basis, these gestures make it possible to tone the skin of the face and restore radiance to the complexion.



Apply a few drops of essential oils of orange and lavender on the scalp”, advises an expert in hair massages. Then place the palms of your hands flat on the scalp, back of the head, at the birth of the skull. Perform strong rotational movements, going up around the edge of the head to the forehead. Repeat this movement twice. You should feel your scalp move under the palms of your hands. Then, rest your forehead in one of your hands. At the same time, apply pressure to the hollow of the neck with the fingers of the other hand. Breathe out deeply. Repeat this gesture 4 times, going up along the midline to the forehead.

The benefits: These gestures make it possible to energize and stimulate the scalp. The hair roots are revitalized, which makes it possible to restore tone to the hair and strengthen its lengths over time. 

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